"Be Still and know that I am God" 

- Psalm 46:10


Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

– For the greater glory of God


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Daily Meditation – Opening up to the Holy Spirit

Jesus spoke of the Holy Spirit not merely as a comforter but as a breeze, blowing mysteriously. If we but put up our sails, the Holy Spirit will do a good deal of the work for us, help us to be open to the human condition and be creative in solutions to the myriad problems that are the stuff of many of our lives today - bad marriages, ungrateful children, loss of jobs, millennial ennui, sizeable moral flaws. For this we need to be open to the moment, ready to alter plans if we sense a need for immediate change. Religion becomes natural and organic, without any of the glad-handing, fixed-smile religiosity that often goes no deeper. It is desire, not guilt that is the prime motivator.

-  Unknown

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